Spooky Reads

Happy Halloween!  In celebration of the holiday, I thought I share a few of my favorite Halloween reads.  As a rule, I do not read many horror or thriller novels.  I’m just too much of a wimp.  But during the month of October, I do enjoy a seasonal read.  One of my go-to books for Halloween is Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree, which I discovered thanks to the animated version shown on television in the 1990s.  While I still enjoy watching that movie version, the book transports you to small town America on that most haunting of nights thanks to Bradbury’s powers of description.  My favorite phrase from the book is a perspiration of boys”.  How wonderful is that?

For a scarier read, I enjoy reading the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe.  “The Tell-Tale Heart” is a particular favorite of mine.  An audio version presented during class in middle school still haunts me with the palpable beating of the heart through the floorboards.

And Halloween isn’t just for fiction.  Though I scare easily, I do enjoy a good ghost story.  Especially if they occur in places I can recognize.  In high school, I read Ghosts Along the Bayou by Christine K. Word and particularly enjoyed the stories of places near my own hometown in South Louisiana.  It is the perfect read on a dark, stormy Louisiana Halloween night.

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