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Review: The Royal Nanny: A Novel

The Royal Nanny: A Novel
The Royal Nanny: A Novel by Karen Harper

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an uncorrected advanced reader’s copy of The Royal Nanny through Goodreads.com. I was excited to read the story of Mrs. Lala and her royal charges because I’d seen a mini-series about the so-called Lost Prince, Johnnie, a few years ago. I love history and as an avowed Anglophile, I particularly love British history. Like most Anglophiles, I am fascinated by the royal family. Despite The Royal Nanny being a work of fiction, it was educational and eye-opening about a few historical figures I knew the bare minimum about. I was grateful for the author’s note at the end of the book where Harper pointing out some of the fact-based passages and explained her process for creating the fictional aspects. The list of the royal characters and their nicknames was also quite helpful since so many have similar names and change names throughout the course of the novel. It is the factual (or as close as possible to fact) historical aspects of the novel that I enjoyed the most. The storyline about Charlotte Bill’s personal life tended toward the melodramatic. As a whole, the writing was often repetitive. The story, however, with it’s Upstairs, Downstairs vibe was enthralling and all of the characters endearing. I am anxious to learn more about this lesser studies part of British Royal history.

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