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Review: Every Yesterday

Every Yesterday
Every Yesterday by Nancy Naigle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nancy Naigle’s Every Yesterday, which I received through, is a sweet, typical romance. Only it’s too short. The characters are likable, there should be plenty of conflict (there wasn’t enough, though), and there is plenty of build-up toward the climax. But then the big confrontation was disappointing (much like the books one steamy scene after plenty of anticipation). It was a rush – the heroine, Megan, discovers the hero’s ulterior motives with just about 15 pages left of the novel. And yet, the action between their confrontation and the reunion (not a spoiler, right, because this is a romance novel. I’m pretty sure anyone planning to read it knows going in that there will be a happy ending) is painfully drawn out only for the reunion to seem rushed.

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