Quote of the Week

Because we are human, because we are bound by gravity and the limitations of our bodies, because we live in a world where the news is often bad and the prospects disturbing, there is a need for another world somewhere, a world where Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers live.

~ Roger Ebert, The Great Movies III


They practiced until their feet bled yet their faces show nothing but pure joy.


I remember reading this and just thinking ‘yes, he gets it’.  People may question the need for frivolous films like the 1930s musical starring Fred and Ginger or screwball comedies like my favorite movie, Bringing Up Baby.  Yes, they are silly but they are necessary in a world where it is easy to doubt the existence of love and beauty.  Plus they’re just really entertaining and sometimes you just need the kind of movie that puts a smile on your face.

A few of my favorite Fred and Ginger Films:

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