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Review: Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions (Kopp Sisters #3)

4 Stars

Amy Stewart’s Kopp Sisters series has been a delightful mix of mystery, history, action, and character and she’s done it again. Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions, the third installment in the series, has a little different tone to it. Because of the converging storylines, we have multiple points of view – Constance, of course, Minnie, Edna, and Fleurette all share their stories as they echo and contrast each other. This book, more than the previous two, is a glimpse at what life was like for women at during this period of great social change with the approach of the U.S. involvement in WWI. More women are working and young women long for the freedom they see that their brothers or these working girls have. Society and the law don’t know what to do with them in northern New Jersey, it is up to Sherriff’s Deputy Constance Kopp to figure it out while dealing with her own changing family.KOpp.jpg
Now that she is officially a deputy, Constance’s presence in the department has settled into a sort of clumsy acceptance from the other deputies. Outside of the Sherriff’s office, however, she is more of a novelty than ever as news of her role reaches across the country. This adds a bit of the series’s delightful humor. But the series’s greatest strength is the relationship between the sisters. Stewart’s crackling dialogue (both spoken and unspoken), particularly between Constance and Norma, gives the relationship an authentic feel that only comes from a lifetime of knowing each other that only siblings can have.
I love these characters and I love that these women really existed. I’ve just learned that there will be at least two more Kopp Sisters novels and I for one cannot wait for them to come out.

If you enjoy Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions and would like to learn more about the real-life people behind the characters, I suggest you visit Amy Stewart’s site for pictures and bio information.  

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