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Review: Easily Amused

Easily AmusedEasily Amused by Karen McQuestion

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

At its beginning Easily Amused shows some promise as an enjoyable chick-lit novel with a heroine I’ll admit I identified with at times, a familiar but likable plot, and several potentially lovable characters. However, the main character didn’t always stay true to herself, the author made some weak word choices and gave away the ending pretty early on when she described a male character using the title of the book (not to mention the naming of the main characters – Holmes, Watson, & Moriarty – pretty much told you how it was supposed to be), and the development of the central relationship felt forced. Perhaps if McQuestion had dedicated more scenes to Lola and the man she’s meant to be with, it would have felt more natural. While there are a lot of flaws with this, the story is still pretty enjoyable.

If you enjoy Easily Amused or if you like stories where the heroine finds true love right under her nose, I also recommend Allison Morgan’s delightful romance, Can I See You Again?
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