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Review: Heroes Are Weakness

Heroes Are My WeaknessHeroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Books like Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s Heroes Are My Weakness are why needs to update their rating system. The three-star rating I gave it makes it look like I didn’t like it all that much when in fact I did like it quite a bit. Just not enough to give it four full stars. Heroes Are My Weakness is not Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s best novel but when it comes to contemporary romance, a middling effort by Phillips is better than most.
Like her other novels, Heroes Are My Weakness is populated with endearing characters – human and non-human – a little mystery, and a lot of heart. What it doesn’t have is as much steaminess as some of her previous novels. And the sexy moments that are there don’t always flow with the story. That along with some plot holes keep this one from being a great or even a really good addition to Phillips’s works.

If you enjoy Heroes Are My Weakness or are a fan of contemporary romance and haven’t read any of Phillips’s novels, I highly recommend Ain’t She Sweet.

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