For the Love of Books, Quotes

Quote of the Week

But she did need the library, more than food or oxygen.

~ Jon Cohen, Harry’s Trees


Happy Library Week!


Quote of the Week

Sometimes it’s better to make a decision, even if it’s not a perfect one than to do nothing at all.

~ Wendy Wax, Best Beach Ever

What, in my opinion, Best Beach Ever lacked in substance, it sometimes made up for with tidbits of wisdom like this one that really spoke to me at the current stage of my life


Quote of the Week

Men believed that a woman’s smaller, weaker physical form that allowed them to dominate her was a compensating balance and that no woman must ever be allowed to realize her potential.

~ Jean Auel, Clan of the Cave Bear


Wow!  I’ve been really lousy at keeping up with my quotes of the week in 2018.  Sorry.

Ready had various issues with Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear but this quote pretty much sums up what I took from it.  And it is so appropriate – now and always.